Our Organic Path


The Path

How rouen happens

In 2010

Initiated Organic Farm

Our Legacy of Nutrition & Health was initiated in 1980. We are headquartered in Oklahoma with branches across the world.

In 2015

Becomes A Greenhouse

Then after the success, we started a greenhouse which was our plan. Then we decided to spread and promote across the world.
From 2016 - Still

Best organic producer

After a lot of struggles in our lives, we now are popular and now we are producing the best organic products. Initially, we didn't expect that we will reach this place but it all started with a dream.
Our Services

The organic magic

Choose Your Products

In our listing, we have several collections of organic products. This is the place where you need to choose the product you want.

Farmers will produce it

The Product that you ordered will be verified that we have or not if have we will start to move on with the next step or else we will ask our farmers for the supply.

nearby locality

Once your product is packed it will be delivered to your nearby locality you can directly visit the to buy the product you ordered.

We Can Delivery too

If you are not comfortable going to the nearby market place we also will deliver your product to your doorstep.

Our Teams


Ms Olusola Sowemimo

Ms Olusola Sowemimo

Founder, Ope Farms
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