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Organic Food, your way to longevity: Image from Pixabay

I have come across many people who have asked me many questions about organic foods. Among the daily questions I have got a few are as follows; Is organic food healthier for me? Can I afford it? Can I get away with not eating organic foods?

I can understand their fear because before now, I was also in their shoes. Many diseases sprang up as a result of what we consume. Usually, our local food contains natural nutrients it is healthy for consumption. But this is not the case anymore; it has lost the nutrients the body requires due to the stages they have undergone. So, instead of nourishing the body, they are doing otherwise.

These processes vary and affect the foods and, finally, the body consuming them. Aside from storage and cooking, the planting stage should be of great concern to you. Consumers should ask the questions of “how, why, when, and what” regarding their food. This will help us to eat the way and what we should. It enlightens us on the kind of food we run from and the ones to embrace.

You may be asking yourself, “What is Organic Food?”

Organic means “not grown or raised without synthetic or chemical fertilizers.” They are foods that still have their natural nutrients intact without any replacement. Organic foods are recommended for everybody, especially cancer and diabetic patients.

To answer the question in your mind, I will share the essentials of Organic Foods.

1. No Synthetic Chemicals On The Farm Land

From the start, organic farmers ensure that their farmland isn’t cultivated with chemicals. There is natural control of either weed or pests on the farm.  This retains and maintains the nutrients on the farm for a more extended period than inorganic farming. Organic farmers highly appreciate nature. They do this to enhance the soil’s nutrients.

2. It Is Not poisonous

As said earlier, how your foods are grown has a significant impact on your body. Chemical grown food is poisonous to your body and will tell on your body sooner or later. You can eat organic foods with the assurance of not being poisoned. Many of the rampant diseases come from inorganic farm produce. So, when you eat organic food you are not liable to any disease whatsoever.

3. Lessen Allergy Symptoms

 If you are allergic to anything and are always afraid to eat outside, I can assure you that when you make it a habit to eat organic foods only, you’re safe as they lessen your symptoms and cease.

4. They Are Fresh

Organic farm produce is fresh because they are not planted with preservatives; it is more beneficial to your body and gives you longevity. It is also noteworthy that as most farmers claim they are organic, be vigilant not to fall victims. Eating fresh foods keeps your skin, teeth, and eyes healthy, boosts your immunity and helps you keep a healthy weight.

We advise you today to start taking note of what you eat for a healthy lifestyle.


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